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Youth Innovators for Development

Information technology innovation presents one of the most real opportunities to foster economic growth and improve well-being of a society. This project initially aims to create an opportunity for young people to develop their skills in innovation and information technology. These ideas and inventions can easily transform into start-up businesses and new opportunities for local development and beyond, as well as for youth employment and self-employment.
The project will provide a space of action and support for young people, especially high school students through professional support with mentoring, counseling, physical space and resources needed to realize their ideas. As many young people have the potential to develop their technology skills but lack the financial means, the project will contribute to the advanced training of 32 young people in the field of programming and graphic design. During these trainings, participants will be able to create an application that will serve local development, tourism, agriculture, government, or any other priority sector at the municipal level.